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This restaurant serves a wine at 5000 € instead of a bottle at 260 € but wins a huge publicity stunt on Twitter

If you are addicted to cooking shows, you already know that most of the time, chefs and restaurant teams are pretty uncompromising, and do not miss an opportunity to get off bad students. In the restaurant business, the pressure rises very quickly and the tension is constantly present. Yet a restaurant from Manchester to the UK just broke this cliche! The Hawksmoor Manchester is a steakhouse very popular and famous; and he just confirmed how warm his staff can be.

One night last week, customers ordered a bottle of Château Pichon-Longuville Comtesse de Lalande, displayed on the menu at 260 euros. So far, so good ... Only a few minutes later, a waitress brought them (mistakenly) a bottle 20 times more expensive to 5100 euros. It was actually a Pomerol 2001 !

More specifically, it would be a manager who would have taken the wrong bottle and who would have given it to the waitress, sommelier. By the way, the Hawksmoor restaurant tweeted a photo of the bottles side by side to prove that they were alike, in support of the manager, mortified by his mistake. Beckett, the owner of the restaurant, relativize on this loss:

When my team told me everything, I immediately thought it was going to be a very expensive mistake. But at the same time, I reasoned that it was just a human error. The restaurant industry can be a place where we are fighting for the slightest misstep, and we do not want to enter this "standard". We want to manage things humanely.

This incident then gave the Hawksmoor a chance to prove their good faith and show that they know how to behave with their team. Moreover, this little quack will have brought a lot of visibility at the restaurant ! A little tweet published on the restaurant account and summarizing the misadventure was shared over 10,000 times and liked more than 60,000 times on Twitter. Thousands of positive messages congratulating them for their reaction came later: their little story quickly became viral.

This misunderstanding, a little expensive anyway, has not concluded with two employees at the door, but a "keep your head up, we all make mistakes". A message that is good and changes a bit of the usual clichés on this medium, which is not always easy.

The tweet of the restaurant

To the customers we accidentally served a bottle of The Pin Pomerol 2001, which is at 4,500 pounds on the menu, we hope you enjoyed your evening! "


The answers of the Net surfers

I did not expect you to manage it any other way ... First class restaurant! "

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That's why Will, Huw and Hawksmoor are the coolest people, but also the best box I've worked for. "

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As a person working in hospitality, thank you for being so understanding and for not having fired the poor waitress. "

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Cheers ! Great to see such a positive response to employees. "

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