4 creative ads that will inspire you to get back to sport

Even if the good weather is not necessarily the rendezvous, the summer is fast approaching and many of us have the desire to get back to the sport ... history of to carve a dream body for the beach and holidays. Well, it is not sure that everyone gets there, but it gave us the idea to present you some advertisements on this theme and you will see that brands have imagination.

It must be said that the subject is easy. On the one hand because it concerns us all and on the other hand because it plays with our motivation and god knows that many of us have ... for a short time. From the little belly to eliminate through the creative stratagems to motivate, here's 4 unusual advertisements who will motivate you ... or at least make you smile! 😄

It's light, it's fun and inevitably it speaks to us all. And here we find only a short selection because you imagine that the sports equipment manufacturers and the gyms are good at finding fun ideas that make us react.

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Credits : Cia athletica

Credits : Leo's Sports Club

Credits : Nike

Credits : Nike

Video: Nike: Find Your Greatness (April 2020).