3 crazy and creative marketing ideas to promote a magic festival

When we are a brand that revolves around the magic, one can only imagine that there are beautiful things to do in terms of marketing and of communication. And one of the greatest examples in this area is undoubtedly the Quebec Magic Festival.

Organized every year, this festival is very well known Quebec to discover the magic and its different aspects to the general public. And every year, the festival collaborates with the agency lg2 to carry out operations ofambient marketing percussive players who play with magic to catch the attention of passersby.

We made a compilation of the three best operations imagined by the Quebec Magic Festival and the agency lg2. And for the most curious, you can take the opportunity to discover below the different explanations of operations ... Because behind the magicthere is always a trick!

# 1 • The Magic Mop

In 2014, to promote the Quebec City Magic Festival, the agency lg2 had the idea to trap passersby with a poster that installs a poster using telepathy. The broom seems indeed to move alone, as if by magic, under the dumbfounded gaze of passersby. The trick: the broom is magnetized thanks to a system that moves it along the panel and is hidden behind it. Magical !

# 2 • The Magician

In 2016, the lg2 agency struck a big blow again for the Quebec City Magic Festival by imagining an ambient marketing operation that marked the spirits. In the street, the passers-by are questioned by a magician who seems to leave street furniture. In reality, it is actually triplets that give the illusion of being a person who appears and disappears as he pleases ... Genius!

# 3 • The Mysterious Billboard

The advertising display is not dead and can still offer great prospects for communication. In 2016, the Quebec Magic Festival proved it with the first billboard that disappears. A huge red curtain falls and gives the illusion to passers-by that the sign has disappeared. In reality, you can imagine, there was absolutely nothing behind the curtain, but the illusion is total and communicates perfectly on the object of the festival. We love !

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