For Christmas, his mother knits a blanket ... which serves as a tray of Monopoly

In terms of gifts from Christmasthere are three schools: first there are those who simply give money (at least, we are not mistaken), those who will buy a gift and finally those who choose to create it with their own hands. You understood it, at Creapillsit is this third category of people that interests us.

And when moreover these people have the creative soul, it gives gifts of Christmas which are bursting withinspiration and D'ingenuity. Pilot Viruet, a young surfer from New York recently shared on Twitter the gift of his mother for Christmas. The latter had the idea to knit a blanket which reproduces the appearance of a plateau of Monopoly giant.

Specifically, this cover reproduces the detail of the different boxes of the game board and can be used for a small improvised party with friends. We love the idea that surely has required a lot of job, a good dose of talent and that proves once again that what matters to Christmasit is not the financial value of the gift but the time and the personal investment that you make to please your loved ones.

hello, please look at this giant blanket my mom crocheted for me !!!

- pilot! (@pilotviruet) December 27, 2018

Of course, this cover is not official and therefore can not be marketed for those who would like to get it. But the idea is unusual and it would not be surprising that it inspires Hasbro who could offer his own version of the "Monopoly cover" in the months or years to come.

And if you like personalized gifts and "Handmade" for Christmas, we also invite you to discover the initiative of this young creative who has imagined a jukebox for his father which is controlled by dragging the card of the song you want to listen to.

Credits: Pilot Viruet

Credits: Pilot Viruet

Imagined by: Pilot Viruet

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