Blocked on the A7 by the Yellow Vests, this troupe of dancers performs a choreography on the highway

Specializing in creativity more than in the news, Creapills has never touched on the subject of Yellow vests. But it's done with this creative initiative that took place on December 15th last and which seems perfectly adapted to our editorial line: an idea, surprise and emotions!

Indeed, during the act V of this protest movement, the Yellow vests have launched a snail operation on the highway A7, towards the North and up to Orange. Thousands of motorists found themselves stranded on the tracks with among them, a troupe of dancers named Diamond Dance.

Taking advantage of the blockage, the artists have for some donned their yellow vest and orchestrated a choreography out of vehicles and dancing on the road between stopped cars. In the end, he arrived atMontelimar to ensure their show with an hour and a half late. The video below, was shared on the Facebook page of the group.

If obviously we like the good mood that is in this video, we also welcome the call. With its small choreography, the group has indeed offered a visibility operation that has reached more than 300,000 people, while surfing on a hot topic of the news that has offered them a lot of media relays.

And of course, movie fans will have probably recognized a reference to a movie "musical comedy" quickly became popular: La La Land. In the latter, the introductory scene also takes place on the highway where the motorists start to dance as you can discover in this extract, if you have not seen the movie.

Credits : Diamond Dance

Credits : Diamond Dance

Credits : Diamond Dance

Credits : Diamond Dance

Imagined by: Diamond Dance

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