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This card can save your life in case of an accident, by breaking the window with one gesture

Who has never been afraid of not being able to extricate himself from his seat in an emergency? Everyone has already thought of scenarios ofaccidents catastrophic. Because yes, some situations do not only happen in the movies ... Even today, the number of deaths on the road is still very important. Among them, how many could have been saved if they had been able to get out of their vehicle on time?

To solve this problem, a baptized American societyOWL (Open Window for Life) unveiled an eponymous invention: a simple and practical object, the size of a map bank, which serves break the window and even to break free from his belt of security.

This little card destroys your glass with a simple wave of the hand 🚙

James Alexander, the creator of the tool, tells that it is by looking at the information that he had the idea: the story of a woman drowned in her SUV, because she could not escape by the window, particularly touched.

So, it came to him the idea of ​​an object that is always easily accessible, small and that could be used by everyone. Unlike hammers or other gadgets that require some force to break a window, this small card is used in a simple gesture and works the first time.

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This invention can break your window in one gesture! What do you think ?

Posted by Creapills on Oct 30, 2018 at 7:51 am PDT

After two years of development, the tool is finally accessible to all. Suitable for any window of any vehicle, this small card can adapt. Manufactured to United States, it is currently available only on their site and on Amazon US.

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Credits: OWL

Credits: OWL

Credits: OWL

Credits: OWL

Imagined by: OWL (Open Window for Life)

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