These servers are wrong in your orders ... but they have a good reason

Here is an original concept and rather touching. This restaurant is calledChūmon no Ōi Ryōriten, which could be translated into French as "The restaurant orders errors". His concept? Hire waitresses with dementia and Alzheimer's disease for order your dishes... with the setbacks you can imagine.

This ephemeral restaurant was born 2 the June 4th à Tokyo and aimed to raise awareness of the Alzheimer's disease and also to put on the table the subject of integration into society these sick people ... more and more numerous.

So a serious subject was approached with lightness, which quickly made unanimity on social networks. The concept of the restaurant being so special, the news is become viral and allowed a huge exposure of issues related to neurodegenerative diseases. Influencers were invited to this ephemeral restaurant, just like the bloggerMizuho Kudo who says he ordered a burger to end up with ... Japanese dumplings on his plate.

Like what, the effective sensitizations do not have to dive into the pathos. A little humanity and of lightness sometimes do things a lot better.

Imagined by: The Restaurant of Order Mistakes

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