7 creative gifts you will never dare to offer at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the great gift race is on. As usual, it is always difficult to find the perfect gift to please his family or friends. Today, we invite you to discover 7 creative gifts you will never dare to offer at Christmas.

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Bakblade: the razor on back for hairy men

Credits: Bakblade

Your man has hair in the back? the United States, the startup Bakblade designed a rather imposing razor specially designed to shave the back. Thanks to its long handle, this razor can be used directly by the gentleman to remove unsightly hair that adorns his back.

The Toilet Timer: the hourglass to spend less time in the bathroom

Credits: Katamco

When you go to the bathroom, it's always the same ritual: you scroller your Instagram feed or you play Angry Birds. Results: you spend an eternity there. the United States, the society Katamco Created The Toilet Timer, an hourglass specially designed to help you spend less time in the toilet.

Dadbag: the belly-shaped banana bag

Credits: Albert Pukies

the United Kingdom, the creative Albert Jukies imagined the Dadbag, an unusual banana bag that will allow you to simulate a fake beer belly. The must have of summer 2018!

Bike Balls: luminous testicles for cyclists

Credits: The Bike Balls Team

Designed by a Canadian starutp, Bike Balls is an unusual accessory in the form of luminous testicles. It attaches to a bike saddle to allow motorists to better identify cyclists at night.

Selfie Feet: make selfies with your shoes

Credits: Selfie Feet

In the category of totally useless objects (so indispensable), go to Ukraine to find the Selfie Feet, an accessory that allows you to fix your smartphone to your shoes to take selfies with more perspective.

Qoobo: the cushion that wags its tail when caressed

Credits: Yukai Engineering Inc

Do you like dogs and cats but you do not want the inconvenience of pets? the Japan, the society Yukai Engineering Inc imagined Qoobo, a robotic cushion that wags its tail when you stroke it.

Portovino Purse: the handbag that hides a cubi of wine

Credits: Portovino

And if you could drink a glass of wine where you want it, when you want it? the United States, the statup Portovino imagined an unusual handbag that camouflages a cubi of wine. Beware, alcohol is to be consumed in moderation!

Well, we agree with you, difficult to offer one of these 7 creative gifts but totally unusual. So we decided to partner with Jam, the coolest chatbot on Facebook, to offer you real good gift ideas.

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Credits: Jam

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