For 18 months, she painted the life of a flower: from birth to death

Be it humans, animals or plants, life always follows the same cycle : birth, growth, transition to adulthood, which progressively leads to decline and death. The cycle of life has something very poetic, especially when it is illustrated by flowers.

And this is precisely the subject of the creative project that we are going to talk about today. Native New Zealand, Denise Ramsay is an artist who has been painting flowers since 6 years in watercolor. And among its various projects, we find "A Brilliant Life", a series of incredible precision paintings in which she shows the life cycle of a poppy, from hatching to death.

For more 18 months, Denise Ramsay so realized 6 watercolor illustrations to show the evolution of the flower. An incredible job of precision, who plays skilfully with colors and lights to offer the most realistic rendering possible. Moreover, the artist admits that some people have trouble believing that they are paintings and not photographs.

Through his different creations, Denise Ramsay does not seek to make a particular claim or express any vision of the world. It's just a way for her to celebrate the beauty of nature. And the bet is successful. To know more about the artist and his different creations, we invite you to go without further delay on his portfolio.

The bud

Credits: Denise Ramsay


Credits: Denise Ramsay

The climax

Credits: Denise Ramsay

The faded glory

Credits: Denise Ramsay

The decline

Credits: Denise Ramsay

The death

Credits: Denise Ramsay

Imagined by: Denise Ramsay

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