Saint-Nazaire: this 130 m long serpent still fascinates the curious

Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping has created an impressive 130-meter sculpture in the form of a giant snake skeleton. A work installed in 2012 that always surprises visitors who discover it.

You thought that mythological creatures like giant snakes did not exist? So today, you will surely realize that imagination and reality can be one. Cape today in the west of the la France, more precisely off the estuary of the Loire near the city of Saint Nazaire to discover an impressive sculpture ... shaped like a giant snake.

Directed in 2012 by the Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping, this impressive sculpture thus takes the form ofa colossal snake skeleton rising from the water. Entirely made ofaluminum, the skeleton measures 130 meters long and is now an integral part of the landscape. Frequently, it is covered by the tide that contributes to make the sculpture even more realisticlike a real prehistoric fossil that seems to be slowly discovering itself. Indeed, depending on the time of day, we can see the snake sink more or less into the sand at the rhythm of different tides.

But we must admit that Huang Yong Ping, the creator of this colossal sculpture, is not an amateur in the field. Installed in France since 1989, he makes different sculptures that reveal his love and passion for Chinese mythology. In 2016, he notably created an even more impressive snake skeleton, which was not far from 240 meters. It was also revealed during the exhibition "Monumenta" the Grand Palais of Paris.

We let you discover in photos this creation more real than nature which will undoubtedly make the happiness of science fiction and fantasy lovers. And no, rest assured: this is not the skeleton of one of the Daenerys in Game Of Thrones 😉.

Credits: Loïc Vincent

Credits: Gregory Dolivet

Credits: Cédric Blondeel

Credits: Frédérique CI

Credits: Argentic Raw

Credits: Yves LC

Credits: MagicShoot Chaleil

Imagined by: Huang Yong Ping

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