These 2 friends have created and posted a fake ad in a McDo ... it's been 50 days she is still present

Creativity is sometimes simply knowing show a good dose of daring. Like the image of Jevh Marvavilla, the student of whom we are going to talk to you today who realized a master stroke in a McDonald's sign.

Native Houston the Texas, Jevh Maravilla found that Asians were not represented enough in commercials of the brand McDonald's. So, accompanied by a friend, he had an original and surprising idea.

These realized a fake McDonald's poster staging them themselves, which they have printed on the internet and directly pasted on a wall of a Pearland sign. And it is clear that the imitation was so perfect that the poster has been kept for more than 50 days by employees who saw only fire.

A totally crazy idea that shows how much you can "Hacker" easily the communication of a brand as powerful as McDonald's, without anyone even realizing it. A real master stroke that should inspire more than one ... It remains to be seen if Mcdonalds will leave the poster present in his restaurant following the revelation of the video. We would be in their place, we think it would be a good strategy! 😄

Credits: Jevh Maravilla

Credits: Jevh Maravilla

Credits: Jevh Maravilla

Imagined by:Jevh Maravilla