Monoprix imagines 13 alternative purposes to its advertising #laitdrolelavie

Monoprix continue to surf the success of its advertising (nearly 3 million views on Creapills alone) and their puns withalternative ends to history. Always accompanied by his agency Rosaparkshe has come up with 13 mini-movies who play with other word games, such as: "Can you do me the mayo?“, “Sauce that can" or "Where are you from?“.

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Because Monoprix has achieved a great feat with his latest ad #laitdrolelavie. You've probably seen it before, but we redo the scenario : it's important to understand the rest. A crazy young boy cuts out Monoprix packaging containing word games allowing him to declare his flame in all discretion. But he finds himself alone the day his sweetheart seems to have changed schools. Years later, he finds it by chance and finishes his dredge by a cute message that he cut on a milk packaging: Funny Milk Life.

A completely offbeat suite that will please fans of word games Monoprix and which remains in perfect adequacy with the brand's DNA. While many brands have stopped on the success of a first spot,Monoprix play the card of impertinence by extending the experience on the digital ... It was necessary to think about it! 👌

Imagined by: Monoprix and the agency Rosapark