This abandoned highway is transformed into a park with 24,000 plants

Largest city of South Korea, with all the same more 10 million inhabitants, Seoul is a monster of urbanization. The city has many urban highways, built in the 60s and 80s, which look like huge viaducts. These axes are less and less used or find other alternatives, which leads the city to transform them. Instead of destroying those concrete monsters thatmeasure kilometers, they imagine uses that could please the inhabitants of Seoul.

Last example to date, the suspended park High Line. A highway of 983 meters long turned into a hanging park using more than 24,000 plants of 228 different species and subspecies. A project undertaken with the Dutch architectural firm MVRDV. The idea is to connect the inhabitants of the city to a central park ... and obviously the promoters have not forgotten the shopping galleries, cafes and restaurants to make this elongated space, a new center of life of the city of Seoul.

A project that is reminiscentCheonggyecheon, a famous promenade 6 km in the center of Seoul open in 2005 and that was also a road before.

Imagined by: MRVD

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