Hopcoz: an app to find volunteer assignments near you

We live in a world very paradoxical. On the one hand, human beings have never been so connected to each other, and on the other, we live in a world of increasing selfish, evenself-absorbed. However, the fact of being able to communicate in real time offers immense opportunities to create cohesion ... we speak here of real solutions, not simple shares on the social networks by way of "solidarity".

This is the finding of 3 young entrepreneurs who are launchingHopcoz. They are namedAlexis Saget, Vifon Du and Mickaël Luangkhot and have devised this application for one purpose: to be useful when one has time.Hopcoz sends you volunteer assignments according to the causes you care about. You can choose the missions that interest you according to the date and place that suits you. Then you receive a message on the application that offers you a mission, which you can accept or refuse, so to support an association who needs it. Ideal to make you useful!

The application is under development, but the team has already made a video that introduces the concept. You can fill in the information on the to be informed about the launch.

A superb project that offers you the possibility of engage punctually to the realization of concrete missions. It's also a nice way to socialization which allows you to meet other people who, like you, offer their time to support causes that are important to them. A social project that uses current technologies for good causes... just for that we adhere. If you feel concerned, pre-register on the platform.

The young team presented us their project on the group The Creapills Idea Box, so if you also have good ideas to share, do not hesitate to join!

Video: Hopcoz. Trouve des missions bénévoles près de chez toi ! (April 2020).