10 tips to make school more creative and fun

We all have good and bad memories of school. Of course, public school is a huge opportunity, but it does not often allow you to express your creativity. That's why we had the idea to make a small ranking of creative hacks who make the school more fun, more entertaining and allow students to grow in a more creative environment.

For the curious, we had already put forward in a video on our Facebook page, 8 educational initiatives ultra creative teachersthat you can discover here.

1. Make the periodic table more creative

You must have learned during your chemistry class the periodic table of elements also calledMendeleev's table. Not necessarily easy to retain letters symbolizing chemical elements whose use you still remain mysterious.

That's why this chemistry professor had the idea of create a concrete table, "Life size" if we can say that, which includes the real elements. Surely much more stimulating and easy to remember than a simple sheet of paper!

2. The mathematical angles for real

Aaaah the mathematics. We love or hate. The biggest criticism of students about math is certainly the lack of concrete aspect of the material especially in the upper classes. That's why this math teacher had the idea of ​​explaining the angles ... with the classroom door. It's simple, easy to set up!

3. A mirror to see what the teacher does

In this chemistry class, the school had the idea of ​​installing a mirror above the teacher's desk in order to allow students to follow her actions. It's simple, it's convenient and you have to admit that it's pretty funny.

4. Pedaling while learning

Staying all day is not very good. And then we know, kids like to let off steam. That's why this school has installed pedals under the students' desks that allow children to let off steam while learning.

5. A staircase according to your priorities

This idea is not new but applied in a school, it's rather fun. This staircase is separated into 3 and allows the corridor on the left to take the stairs while walking, the middle one running and the right one for those who have their eyes fixed on their phone.

6. A toboggan to save time

At this university in Munich, students have the chance to go down 3 floors in 5 seconds by taking a toboggan. Guaranteed sensations!

7. To de-stress before an exam

This is a creative and unusual idea. Before entering the examination room, this establishment came up with the idea of ​​installing an anti-stress box. The latter functions as a bubble wrap dispenser that, you know, is also known for its ability to pass anxiety.

8. A sunscreen dispenser

This sports teacher asked his school for a sunscreen dispenser available to students. Ideal to play outside safely if the sun hits hard.

9. Fun bins to encourage recycling

How to encourage children from an early age to retrain? For example with custom bins (we recognize a Minion) which correspond to the colors of "Garbage cans for adults" : yellow for plastic, green for biodegradable and black for paper.

10. A staircase to learn the multiplication tables

To learn multiplication tables there is no magic, you must have them in front of you. That's why this school decided to install on a staircase multiplication tables of 6 and 7. We imagine that there are others in the establishment for the rest of the tables!

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