This bookstore turns his books into high-profile posts to encourage younger readers to read

Very often, the simplest ideas are the best. This is particularly the case of this surprising digital operation set up by the bookstore The Wild Detectives, based in Dalles in the United States. In an attempt to reconcile Internet users with literature, especially the youngest, this bookstore had a brilliant idea: post false articles to titles touting.

For each book she wants to put forward, the bookstore post on its Facebook page a fake article with a title tout. For example, to promote Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", the post-title "A teenager pushes her boyfriend to suicide".

An excellent initiative that plays on clichés and the phenomenon of "clickbait" to highlight literature. And the bet paid off: the commitment on Facebook increased by 150%, and visits to the site by 14,000%. For more information, visit the Facebook page of The Wild Detectives.

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