The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 54)

Like every Monday, we suggest you take a short break to discover our selection of creative tweets. As usual: humor, creativity and good distribution well placed. And inevitably, that selection is very political.

Let's go !

A packet of chips is composed of 25% chips and 75% of Emmanuel Macron's program.

- Very Bad Panda (@VeryBadPanda_) April 8, 2017

I found!

Meanwhile, on the computer of Vladimir Putin.

- Death (@LaMortLaVraie) April 7, 2017

acre Vladimir ...

Diams: Young lady is looking for a deadly guy
Highlander: 😐

- Twolverine (@ Tw0lverine) April 8, 2017


Obliged Sunday kids are going to go wrong by wanting to go to VideoCity and go live a total hell.

- JDay (@MisterJDay) April 7, 2017

'fatal error !

Find yourself in debt with debt #CreeTaDette

- Msieur LuDo (@MsieurLuDo) April 8, 2017

Best word game of the week!

If not, what becomes François Hollande? If it is, he bleeds Zelda on a soft switch in his stake for a month, nobody calculates

- Scipion ⭐️⭐️ (@Scipionista) April 6, 2017

is it true, what does Francis do?

I'm trying to explain to an American friend how in a country that has organized primaries there can be a debate with 11 candidates on TV.

- thomas snegaroff (@thomassnegaroff) April 4, 2017

we courage!

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen would be tempted to stop the policy in order to devote himself fully to his racist career.

- Jean-Moundir (@supermegadrivin) April 6, 2017

Career lan.

When you let your little 8-year-old nephew sit in front of the car.

- Mcfly (@levraimcfly) April 6, 2017

e giggle of the week!