Pornhub launches sex education site

From porn to education, there is only one step. Leader in the market pornographic videos on the Internet, Pornhub has just unveiled a new site dedicated this time to sex education. The purpose of"Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center" so will educate the readership of Pornhub on more serious topics related to love and sexuality.

The platform will be led by Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist who will be surrounded by a team of experts to carry out this mission. An intelligent and relevant initiative for Pornhub who wants to demonstrate a desire to offer more than just entertainment to its audience, by setting up a real awareness and prevention site. We are still surprised to see a pornographic site to engage in sex education. As we know, pornography does not always reflect reality, which makes the initiative even more ironic. To find out more, visit the blog of "Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center".

Dr. Laurie Betito

A surprising initiative ...

... who empowers Pornhub

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