The 10 best ideas of the week (# 25)

You did not have time to do creative watching this week? No problem, it's time for #CreaRewind! Like every week, we invite you to discover the 10 best creative ideas.

Let's go for the #CreaRewind!

Audi unveils a moving spot that features a dinosaur

In Germany, the manufacturer Audi unveils a moving and unusual spot that features a dinosaur who tries to regain confidence in him.
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And if your smartphone was that of a refugee?

And if your smartphone was that of a refugee? It is the surprising experience that you propose to live the BBC to make you aware of the living conditions of migrants.
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This agency creates a farewell song for its former client

In the United States, the Rinck agency had an absolutely brilliant idea when separating from a client: to compose a real farewell song.
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Desigual makes up her models with Snapchat filters

You only swear by Snapchat and its famous filters? In the US, the Desigual brand came up with the idea of ​​setting up a fashion show by making up models with Snapchat filters.
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Clothes created from the worst photos of image banks

You know all the famous snapshots of image banks. Adobe had the idea to create a line of clothes that parodies the worst photos of these famous banks.
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A supermarket where you can pick vegetables

What's more natural than picking vegetables directly from the ground? In Brazil, the supermarket Zona Sul offers you to live this experience ... in store!
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This printer draws 3D in your cocktails

In Austria, researchers have launched the project "PRINT A DRINK". The idea: to offer you the opportunity to draw 3D in your cocktails.
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Cans that pile up to create fun characters

In the United States, the brand Noble Rey Beer reveals original packaging with cans that pile up to reconstruct cartoonesque characters.
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This collective replaces the London subway ads with photos of cats

In England, the Glimpse collective had an absolutely unusual idea: to replace all the pubs of a subway station with pictures of cats.
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Condoms paying tribute to the Pantone color chart

In Russia, the agency DarkDesignGroup had the idea to create a series of colorful condoms that pay tribute to the famous color chart Pantone.
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