YouTube reveals the 6 best commercials of 2016

Can we judge the quality of a commercial only the number of views on YouTube? Of course, no. Nevertheless, the number of views still allows you to skim among the best ads. In recent years, YouTube and The Webbys have in December a ranking of the best commercials in different categories.

In total, there are no less than 6 categories that see confronted 30 commercials chosen by Internet users. We let you discover below the 6 best ads of the year 2016 according to YouTube.

#TheYoutubeAd That Goes Straight to the Heart

ampagne: Harry Caray's Last Call
Advertiser: Budweiser
Agency: VaynerMedia

#TheYouTubeAd That's Your Guilty Pleasure

ampagne: Dear Kitten
Advertiser: Friskies
Agency: Buzzfeed

#TheYoutubeAd That Put Stars in Your Eyes

ampagne: Do not Download Best Fiends!
Advertiser: Best Fiends
Agency: -

#TheYoutubeAd That Says It in Six

ampagne: Sweatshirt #smellegendary
Advertiser: Old SpiceAgency: W + K

#TheYouTubeAd That Takes a Stand

ampagne: The Unseen | It Can Wait
Advertiser: AT & TAgency: BBDO

#TheYouTubeAd That Knows No Limits

Ampagne: # Pokémon20
Advertiser: Pokémon

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