The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 29)

Want to do a little break? That's good, it's time for the #CreaTweets chronicle of the week. Like every Monday, we swept the best tweets of the past week, in terms of distribution, originality and creativity.

Let's go for the chronicle #CreaTweets!

For the #CourteeSansCoiture, rent a broom! 😛 # HarryPotter

- Potterheads EN (@HPotterheads_EN) September 25, 2016

change car against broom!

iPhone 7, Chirac: dirty time for Jacques

- Jérémy / MxGreen (@jeremyfregefon) September 21st, 2016

ack, Jacques: same fight ...

It was a nice idea, the #CourteeSansCar.

But we did not have to put it on the same day as #SunDay.

- Master of conf (@Maitre_de_conf) September 25, 2016

then timing.

Hackers who hacked 500 million Yahoo accounts would claim a ransom of 30 million old francs.

- X / Y (Z) (@HerbertLeopard) September 22, 2016

the old!

Still, imagine you get tackled by your girl and everyone receives an alert on his iPhone, it's rough.

- Swann Borsellino (@SwannBorsellino) September 20, 2016

a day for Brad Pitt.

- So your increase interview went well?
- I made a cardboard
- Cool !
- I have 2 hours to put my stuff before leaving

- Guy Golo (@Guy_Golo) September 20, 2016

cardboard istory.

"Draw me a building"
"No, but I am a network architect myself"
"Do not worry, draw something anyway"

- Prostberg (@Prostberg) September 19, 2016

n introduce you to the Ethernet Trade Center!

Do you think that if Sarkozy turns a hair more to the right he will have gone around and become far left?

- Kerko (@TheKerkobitch) September 21, 2016

arkozy 360 °.

- It's cold today.
- Did you go out?

- Rémynou (@RemynouLeChat) September 22, 2016

them of words and seasons.

We are in 2016 and there is always this little village of irreducible morons who resist and continue to tell anything # Gauls

- McKay (@MystereMcKay) September 20, 2016